Popular service in advertising – communication. For brands and products, appearing on mass media such as newspapers, television, radio … brings brand coverage, impressing and strong reputation with customers. . ”


For many years of operation, Landora Media has built a wide network of partners. We offer our customers booking services on reputable media throughout Vietnam.

Your product can appear anywhere you want.

– TV
– Newspapers including print and online newspapers
– Broadcasting: VOV, Radio
– Photography


Based on customers’ desires, in-depth evaluation research on brand positioning and products, Landora Media will advise suitable and effective Booking channels.

Between messages, images that businesses want with the provisions of the media, the press is always opposite. We are responsible for reconciling, negotiating and creating the best conditions for the product to appear and convey properly – all the customers want.


Landora Media ensures the funding of businesses is used in the right place, the right and effective way. We always transparent the costs and quotes. Booking Landora Media offers the best solution instead of the most expensive.

Saving communication cost in the effective guarantee framework is the way we help our customers to increase profits.

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Với kinh nghiệm đã triển khai nhiều các dự án lớn như Cocobay, TNR Goldseason, Skypark Residence… chúng tôi đủ kinh nghiệm để cùng đối tác xây dựng chiến lược và thực hiện các chiến dịch truyền thông tích hợp.

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