Landora Media always identifies Event as one of the development focus areas. To have a successful event requires professionalism, responsibility, close coordination of each stage in the event. Just one mistake can cause an incomplete event.


Landora Media provides a package hosting service for all types of events. We will accompany and implement with customers from the stage of idea up to the end of the test. All services are provided directly by Media, ensuring the success of the event and customer satisfaction.


From small internal events to events of several thousand people, Landora Media has done it with professionalism and dedication.

– Project kickoff event

– Opening events, product launches

– Corporate, brand launch event

– Internal events, founding anniversary, year-end gala ….

When receiving any event, Landora Media always researches and introduces new – unique – strange concep based on customer requirements. Having a team of experienced event organizers, we know how to organize a successful event.


When receiving customer projects, we always advise on the proposal of service packages that are suitable to the customer’s cost estimates, ensuring the best quality in the right price bracket.

Landora Media works by trust and mind. Time for the organization, preparation is optimized quickly – neat – quality, reduce costs and time for customers, no costs incurred.

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